Eqpbf7Km2aUMy father was a teacher. That’s probably why he never tried to “teach” me anything – he told stories.

When he saw that I was ready crumble in the face of difficulties, he would tell me a fairy tale. Using his own intellect, the hero of this tale was always victorious over his stronger opponent. If my father noticed that I was not telling the truth, he reminded me of the boy who cried wolf, and later paid for his lying. The impact of these lessons were clear and immediate.

I am sure that fairy tales are one of the best ways to establish bonds with children and to pass on values. What’s more, they do it in a way that is fun and entertaining.

For this reason we decided to make interactive fairy tales, and created a truly unique guide through this magical world in the form of the Fairy Tale Kingdoms app, which helps parents choose the right story for the right time.

Now, if you want to tell your child a story about friendship, the importance of hard work, or empathy, or if your child has stumbled upon a difficult situation, you can always find the right words. At the same time, you and your child get to spend time together in a fun and useful way.


Nazim,  founder of Saturn Animation Studios

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