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Fairy Tale Description

Rainbow Crow fairy tale is about a selfless crow, who sacrifices himself to save life on earth. The story is beautiful from a visual point of view, and it contains a lot of opportunities for young readers to convey the concepts of mutual empathy and compassion to young readers, underscoring the interconnected nature of our world.

We’ll add educational games to the fairy tale, each conveying lessons of empathy and the importance of the community. In some games, the reader will have to help the protagonist to save animals in distress, in others – to cure them of a disease. And, of course, you will have to help the hero of the fairy tale – a crow – to fulfill its mission to save life on the earth.

The app will be accompanied by original music,  based on melodies from First Nations.

It will also include a number of features that are unique to our studio. These include  1) night mode, which eliminates the “blue light” with one click and helps to avoid overstimulating children during bedtime; and 2) ‘no-games mode’ for parents who want their children to read the story without being distracted by games.


It brings back morals that we didn’t have in hand for a while, which is fantastic.
Jon Summerland, Film Commissioner

New interpretation of amazing fairy tale. Now in digital splendor!

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