“THE CONDOR” Interactive AR app

About the mobile app

Watch all scenes from the ‘The Condor’ 3D web-series as an augmented reality show! Enjoy! 

Pick a suitable surface in your home, perhaps a tabletop or part of the floor, then start the app – and follow the adventures of Tonio, the hapless Colombian condor. The whole story will play out right before your eyes, in 3D, and your home will be transformed into an actual theatre.

Follow the heroes’ adventures from different angles, listen to the story, and if you need to, click on the screen to shake up the characters when they are being idle.

The story of Tonio the condor is the brainchild of animators from Canada and Colombia. And those two countries are where the action will unfold. But what is the story about? In a nutshell, it is the story of a Colombian condor, Tonio, who is unlike his kinsmen in that he can’t fly. Not just because he is very fat, but also because he is afraid of heights.

For a bird, of course, that is quite a flaw. But our Tonio has a lot of virtues. He is kind, always ready to come to the aid of a friend. He is a terrific cook and a hospitable host. And he would be leading a very quiet life were it not for a wolf who has long dreamed of tasting some roast Tonio.

And now his Condor friends have decided to teach Tonio how to fly. From that moment, it all starts to go wrong.

The story of Tonio was told by Saturn Animation Studios Inc. and Signos Studios SAS thanks to the support from Canada Media Fund and Proimagenes, Colombia.


It’s like a theatre inside your house. Cool idea
When the plane was flying across our house – that was awesome! Didn’t expect that
‘The Condor is what it is. An entertaining and beautifully designed augmented reality (AR) animated series for the young audience. The thing that is done, it does it really well. It boasts charming vibrant visuals, funny animations, loveable characters, has nice touch (not overused) visual effects and it has its nice unexpected moments.’


Behind the Scenes

Our Fairy Tales

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