“THE CONDOR” web-series

About the project

Local condor Pancho isn’t like others of his kind: he is the only condor that can’t fly. This isn’t just because he’s overweight, but also because of his pathological fear of heights. While this is a terrible disadvantage for a bird, Pancho has a lot going for him, too: he is kind, sympathetic, not too bright, but a great cook and an excellent housekeeper. As if his problem with flying wasn’t enough, there is Oscar, the local Colombian wolf, who is determined to eat the tubby bird come what may.

One day, Pancho finds himself on board an airplane taking him to Canada. There, Pancho meets a local dam builder, Brian the beaver. Brian is a hard-working man of few words; he keeps himself to himself and shuns company, despite being a heartthrob to all the local lady beavers and even to Deborah the lady moose. Brian is obliged to put the condor up at his house so that the poor bird can survive in this new and unfamiliar place. Here, too, Pancho meets Goldie the female eagle and falls in love at first sight. He is a kindly soul who can’t fly, and she is a genuine, haughty predator. They are so different, but of course you don’t choose who you fall in love with.

On top of Pancho’s romantic problems comes another in the guise of his sworn enemy, Oscar the wolf, who has come to Canada on the same flight and has no intention of abandoning his plan to “eat the cursed bird”. Pancho has to survive in a foreign country, while Brian the antisocial beaver has to learn to live with his new housemate.

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