Fairy Tale Description

Follow along with this classic bedtime story from 1001 Arabian Nights, and learn many new things to satisfy your curiosity.


The beauty of The Magical Lamp of Aladdin lies not only in the messages it conveys to young listeners – that there is hope even in the most difficult situations, and that time heals all wounds – but in the interactive nature of every page.

With more than 60 unique illustrations, educational games and an original score, this classic rags to riches adventure app can entertain children at home, in the car, or on magical carpet flying all over Agrabah:)

Learning is more fun with games and animations.


It’s a beautiful story and it widens the kids minds, they’ll see more, there lessons to be learned, it’s beautiful and it allows them to use their imagination.
Jon Summerland, Film Commissioner of the Okanagan
Children can open the cave of treasures by putting together the pieces of a puzzle; they can make a beautiful necklace for Aladdin’s mother, or they can paint a carpet good enough for the sultan.
Luke Harvey, app developer
Watch out: Reading this fairy tale may provoke imaginative play and an appetite for books:)
Nazim Ragimov, CEO of Pony Apps Inc.

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