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Fairy Tale Description

The story of ‘Tiger Salamander and Rainbow Trout’ is one of Syilx protocol and one of “keeping your word.”  It is protected by the oral historians of the Syilx Culture. This creation story is one that originates back to the time when ”animals were preparing” for Syilx people to arrive. The story will be retold by one of the most famous Syilx members, Award winning film Director, Writer and Producer Tracey Kim Bonneau, the President of  Of the Land Productions Inc.  

Educational games, included into the app,  each conveying lessons of empathy and the importance of the community. In some games, which will be using augmented reality features, the player will have to help the protagonist to save animals in distress, in others – to cure them of a disease.

You will be able to make a selfie while surrounded by story characters. Or observe how the beautiful trout from the story will jump into the pond in your neighbourhood. And if you point the camera to the ground and rub a screen, then you would see how tiger salamander shows up from the ground watching at you and trying to hide again.

Children will be learning new ideas while playing. What are the meaning of those symbols, which you can see on animals? Would you like to create your own creature? Go on! Use our tools and build a character as a jigsaw puzzle.

New interpretation of amazing fairy tale. Now in digital splendor!

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