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Fairy Tale Description

The interactive version of the ‘Wizard of OZ’ storybook will allow readers:

  • To read this classic fairy tale with more than 100 original illustrations, to play games, watch animations and listen to voice overs in English, French, German and Dutch;
  • To select different scenarios like in “Choose your own adventure” books. We guarantee lots of nice surprises;  
  • To read a story together with your kid or grandchild using multiple devices. Even if you are miles away, you’ll be able to stay on the same page (literally), read aloud, communicate and play together. The camera will help to transport you into the story.
  • To create and publish your own interactive storybook. Just ask the Wizard of OZ for help and he’ll show how to do it. We guarantee, It will be extremely simple – just drag and drop.

And so much more…

New interpretation of amazing fairy tale. Now in digital splendor!

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